We’re going to a friend’s house !

Well, not just any friend! Mah best friend. 

We play this game when Georgia and I are in the truck driving, usually on the way to community group, but really anywhere we are going. It’s sort of a mix of things. 

This chant my mom would do when we were kids that went like this:

“We’re going on a bear hunt.

(Echo) we’re going on a bear hunt.

But I’m not scared! 

(Echo) but I’m not scared!

Cuz I got me a gun.

(Echo) cuz I got me a gun.

And I got three bullets. 

(echo) and I got three bullets.

So we’re walking along and we come to ah……


Can’t go over it..

Can’t go under it..

Gotta go around it!

We’re going on a  bear hunt.

(Echo) we’re going on a bear hunt.

But I’m not scared! 

(Echo) but I’m not scared!

Cuz I got me a gun.

(Echo) cuz I got me a gun.

And I got three bullets

(Echo) and I’ve got three bullets.

We’re walking along and we come to a river. 

We can’t go over it! 

We can’t go under it! 

We can’t go around it! 

We gotta go through it!!”

And Daniel tiger’s neighborhood:

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.

Would you be my, could you be my, would you be my neighbor.

Its Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood a land of make believe, won’t you ride along with me (ride along..)

Its Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood so much to do so much to see, won’t you ride along with me (ride along..)

I got lots of friends for you and me, in this land of make believe, a friendly face on every streets just waiting to greet you.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, Daniel tiger’s Neighborhood!”

So how we do our game, is

We’re going to a friends house 

(Echo) we’re going to a friends house!

And she lives in the …__________


And her name is …____________ 

(Usually) Ariana! 

And we’re driving along on…___________

I-95 North! 

And we come to a…____________

Traffic light!

And today it is…________


So we have to ..________


And we …____

Look both ways!!!

Now it’s green so we can go.

And we’re driving along and we go over a …________


And we see a …_________


And we go beside some white flowers…

And we say…_________

Hi white flowers!!!!!

And we come to a stop sign!!

And we have to …_______


And we look…__________

Both ways!!!!!

So anyways on with the story!

We are almost in NC visiting my friend Samantha and her hubby Will. Oh and their two dogs, Kenny and Hank. 



And  a side note.  

 We hit a lightning bug. It stayed with us a while .. In spirit 😛


About our mini farm

I realized today that it may be confusing- especially to those who have never been to our home- when we talk about our farm. It’s a name that sort of just stuck. And it does apply. But it may not be what you first think of when you visit. 

According to Google: 

  1. farm
    noun: farm; plural noun: farms
    1. 1
      an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals, typically under the control of one owner or manager.
      synonyms: ranchfarmsteadplantationestate, family farm, dairy farm, hobby farm

      “a farm of 100 acres”

      • the main dwelling place on a farm; a farmhouse.
        “a half-timbered farm
    2. And according to Google’s definition of a hobby farm:

      hob·by farm
      noun: hobby farm; plural noun: hobby farms
      1. a small farm operated for pleasure or supplemental income rather than for primary income.

      We really fall under that definition. 

      Quinton happily works his job and I work at home with my kids and I am a doula. 

      Our hope is to learn a number of skills that my grandparents and maybe even his grandparents would have known how to do. 

      It really feels to me like I’m following in my great grandparents footsteps. They were first generation Norwegian Americans farming in North Dakota. My grandma remembers carrying milk and eggs from her home on the farm to the town creamery. One of our cast iron skillets came from her and she may have even eaten food from it in that original farm home outside of Finley. 

      We’ve started on a garden bed, a compost bin which may become a pile, and we were given an upcycled dog pen that we are converting into a chicken run. 

      Our first farming project is starting our chicken run. We are collecting free wood to build the coop and we hope to buy chickens early next year. 

      Quinton is trying hard to talk me into having a goat or two. I mean it’s not that much of him talking, more like, just look at this cuteness.

      We’ve played with the idea of farming bees. And we may look into that after getting our bearings for a few years. 

Q barbecue

Grandma Mary and my aunt Vicki came down for a day with the kids and I.  

 We explored the Chesterfield/ Midlothian section of Hull St and stopped off at Q barbecue for our first time. 

We will be coming back. 


We ordered and then waited             

And then the food arrived   



She was dancing she was so happy.



And the bathroom was full of clever and hilarious signs. 


The farm house: kids room and my office

The kids share a room 🙂 and it has actually by the grace of God, helped Gideon sleep better. Georgia is so sweet about her brother so she asks for him and she enjoys him sleeping in there. She just hasn’t quite grasped why I tell her she can’t talk after bedtime, but if he is babbling he doesn’t get the same request from me.  


Georgia’s bed 

I really love decorating with sentimental things like Georgia’s birthday cards. The Pokemon poster her daddy gave her. The paper where she and her uncle Shaun traced their hands. The labels from her raggedy Ann and her Hello Kitty clothes. A two dollar bill her daddy gave to her.  And the crayon art we made when she was 2. 
Gideon’s bed 

His wall art is in progress. So far we have the paintings Georgia and I painted while we waited impatiently for Gideon to be born. I was past 40 weeks and having contractions all the time and my hope was that I would kick into labor gear while painting. A gift bag from one of his baby gifts. And a card for one of his gifts. 
And now, my doula office, homeschool headquarters, crafting room 


Next farm house post will reveal our living room and study 🙂 

The farm house pt 1


This house has my whole list of must haves and my wants. Top of the list: front porch!!!



Front yard

  Back steps
 The azaleas 





 Back yard 

Where the kids and dog can run.


Our kitchen 🙂 which Georgia ensures constantly has picked flowers.

The mud room  


We are finally doing it!

I seriously considered titling this post 
About That Life

Haha. I’m not that cool. But seriously. I think multiple times a day about how we are finally doing the things we have looked forward to and hoped for since we were little teenie bopper love birds. 
Let’s be fair before you see these. I deleted a TON. The benefit to blogging is that I can show a very manicured version of myself. So if you’re like me. Please don’t take this as a fair and accurate picture of my day to day. These were my “roses” if you will. 

Using our clothes line  

No ones missing out on mama time    

This mom gig isn’t super cray cray anymore. It’s actually super enjoyable a lot of the time .   

Building our garden beds  

  The view 🙂 

Flea market crawl space 

  My office setup. Feeling more like a professional