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Funny girl

Some funny things Georgia has said lately. 

👧🏼Mama, your yuggy. 
👧🏼Mama, your yugly. 
👧🏼Mama, your yuvely.
👩🏼… I’m what?
👩🏼Ohhhh lovely. Haha thank you. Wait where did you learn that!? Lol 

 Just let Georgia taste my coffee. 

She sometimes asks. 

This was a good day because it was strong with no sugar and hardly any cream. 

She got it in her mouth and just started shaking her head. 

She waited until I finished it. She spit it back into my empty cup and said NOT GOOD. Not. Good!

Yes. She tucked the puppies in. 

She climbed up in our bed last night apparently when Quinton and I were sleeping. I found her in between us at like 3am. This morning when I asked her how she got there and why, she said, “when I was in my bed, the Pirates were in my bed, trying to get my eyes, so I had to come in your bed.” Who can argue with that logic? Lol 
The sandpipers on the beach were all ducks. This was an indisputable fact according to Georgia. 




Homeschool has been a pretty common topic around our home lately. And whenever it comes up people who haven’t done it, and who really love us, and our kids, tend to get a little stressed out. They stress how we must work diligently to socialize our kiddos so they don’t become strange or weird, and they usually cite some homeschoolers they know who didn’t turn out socially normal enough for their taste. 

I can totally relate to this line of thought as the only homeschoolers I’d met when growing up fit this category, but how many I’d met that were completely under the radar I will never know. 

And I say “when growing up” because once I hit college, I did meet a bunch of homeschoolers who were nothing short of pretty amazing
They were much better read than I, socially very capable, joyful usually, and way more interested in their learning. 

Notice I didn’t say school. 

They were interested in their learning; they loved to learn and were resourceful in how they looked for ways to learn things they were interested in. Also they loved Jesus, genuinely, and when they had questions about him, they read their Bibles or they talked to pastors or teachers. Most of them are now married to other socially normal people and have beautiful children. This was one of my first glimpses into another way of approaching school. 

So recently, after the socialization topic coming up a bit more than normal, I coincidentally read a Post that one of my Facebook friends shared on her wall(maybe it was coming up a bit more in her circles as well). 

And after reading it I followed a link to this post. Where, through grace filled sarcasm, I realized just how socialized my kids are, with people of many ages, races, and ideologies. 

Well, as most “internetting” goes  (I love Quintonisms) that post led to this one which led to THIS ONE. And This one is the one that sent the corners of my mouth upward and my mind spinning. It helped me use mega blocks and measuring cups to teach addition, subtraction, fractions, and phonics in like five minute intervals while Georgia had no idea she was earning today.  I had really been so bogged down lately by the hard work of it all and the self imposed anxiety, that I had whizzed right by the gift that it is to teach my kids. 

So. I thought I’d share our recent socialization 😉 and these links because it’s easy to get bogged down by hard work and mommy anxiety. 

Cow appreciation day   

Getting to make homemade logs for our trains with our friends and innovative Daddy.  


And our recent play date  

  I realize it might look like we sometimes have it together, let me not fool you. We have days where we watch way too much TV or have this happen.  

We have whole days of discipline and madness. But when there are days like this, or let’s be real, moments like this  

I hope to rejoice in God and what he’s doing instead of blinding my eyes and hardening my heart under work and anxiety. 

Us lately

 Getting some Yaya time!  

Not getting any sleep time    
Painting time! 




Bath time    
 Sick kid cuddle time   
Great neighbors/ veggie time  

  Painting with chalk time  

Turns chalk paint fight time  

Swimming time 

We’ve been having a good time, happy not to be sick, anymore! 
Also somehow google maps decides to retake their photos of our address for street view literally days after we move in. Guess who made it on candid camera? 



God has been revealing my heart to me greatly in the last few days. Our family has been sick nearing a month now. And we are looking as if we are on the mend. I don’t know if it was the isolation from  community or the medication or the amount of television we watched, but I have been out of it. 

I have been seeking God like I haven’t in a while. Like he’s been coaxing me out of a self inflicted comfort fog that had consumed me and my motives for living and parenting and loving my husband for a lot longer than this illness. Post partum depression hit me hard after both pregnancies.  In fact I’m thankful for this sickness pulling me out of my numbness. I’m thankful for the unwavering and awe inspiring grace God has lavished on my through my husband. He has forgiven more than I thought I’d ever ask of him. 

God. What he’s been doing in my life. He’s introduced me to a whole other side of himself. Knowing unconditional love when you are in such a place, is an unspeakable blessing. 
God made me crave him again. It’s funny how sleepless nights, pain, and hard work cause us to rely more heavily on God. He uses our sin and our circumstances. 
Anyway, I’ve been pained at how big my children are. Pained that I can’t make a perfect life for them. Pained that I have been far from a perfect parent. And God showed me that, that’s not why I am here. That’s not what I am doing. They aren’t my little possessions. They are his people, he is growing them. He has gifted me the opportunity to be his hands for these little ones. 

He’s shown me that I can’t find my significance in anything but him. Not in being a doula, or a stay at home mom, or a married woman, or a graduate, or a non graduate by choice. 
I am embarrassed, looking back at my Facebook feed and seeing, glaringly, how I seek approval from people through trying to fit into my church crowd or the doula crowd  or the VCU crowd. 



#stilllovetodoula #butsonotMyfirstlove

I still judge myself with comdemning voices from painting critiques or Facebook comments. I hear fresh in my mind, all of the careful instructions of well meaning bystanders, to be careful not to make my kiddos weird homeschoolers. 
I won’t say “Not anymore.” Because though sin has been put to death in me, it is a continual putting to death. And even as I write this, I think of who will or will not read this and what they may think. 
But in a sense, I have been truly freed, again, from all that sin has shackled me to. In Christ, I can stand, significant. No matter what my life’s work looks like at that moment. Because I’m not found in any title other than redeemed. 


The dogs are happy about this visit. 


So are the guys  

 Loving the wii 😆
Georgia really enjoyed the (museum ) “newseum”. 


We all did really 🙂 even Gideon wouldn’t sleep. He had to look at all the helicopters and parachutes. 

I enjoyed my nursing buddy