Funny girl

Some funny things Georgia has said lately. 

👧🏼Mama, your yuggy. 
👧🏼Mama, your yugly. 
👧🏼Mama, your yuvely.
👩🏼… I’m what?
👩🏼Ohhhh lovely. Haha thank you. Wait where did you learn that!? Lol 

 Just let Georgia taste my coffee. 

She sometimes asks. 

This was a good day because it was strong with no sugar and hardly any cream. 

She got it in her mouth and just started shaking her head. 

She waited until I finished it. She spit it back into my empty cup and said NOT GOOD. Not. Good!

Yes. She tucked the puppies in. 

She climbed up in our bed last night apparently when Quinton and I were sleeping. I found her in between us at like 3am. This morning when I asked her how she got there and why, she said, “when I was in my bed, the Pirates were in my bed, trying to get my eyes, so I had to come in your bed.” Who can argue with that logic? Lol 
The sandpipers on the beach were all ducks. This was an indisputable fact according to Georgia. 



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