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We are finally doing it!

I seriously considered titling this post 
About That Life

Haha. I’m not that cool. But seriously. I think multiple times a day about how we are finally doing the things we have looked forward to and hoped for since we were little teenie bopper love birds. 
Let’s be fair before you see these. I deleted a TON. The benefit to blogging is that I can show a very manicured version of myself. So if you’re like me. Please don’t take this as a fair and accurate picture of my day to day. These were my “roses” if you will. 

Using our clothes line  

No ones missing out on mama time    

This mom gig isn’t super cray cray anymore. It’s actually super enjoyable a lot of the time .   

Building our garden beds  

  The view 🙂 

Flea market crawl space 

  My office setup. Feeling more like a professional 



Life on the farm

 Georgia Homeschool       
Gideon “homeschool” haha yeah right just kidding. We actually read a book. And it’s the best book ever (almost) 


Couldn’t resist  Mama’s reading
Sibling cuteness



I know it looks like I’ve created my son outside, but I promise I just wanted to keep the UV’s at bay. 

She’s cute 


He’s cute 


Georgia got a cMOR pass!

Having kids means you end up with bunches of stuff. And they don’t use it all. When you have 20 toys out they want to sit on your lap. When you have out three. Guess what? They…

Yep. That’s at least true for my girl. So if she’s getting an average of like 5 toys every birthday and Christmas, we are getting rid of an average of like 5 gently used toys from the last birthday or Christmas every birthday or Christmas. So family and friends are essentially buying toys for the thrift store. Or our hand me down friends. We believe in toys, don’t get me wrong, but the age appropriate amount of toys she could actually enjoy is a lot less than what she is given. So this year we asked for contributions to the kids museum of Richmond. And she got enough!!! It has like 5 locations and so many activities!

So without further ado (sp?) lol  here is our sweet girl enjoying an awesome gift from her village. Thanks y’all!!!!! Seriously, this was good for my hoarding tendencies. 

How we mow :-)


Yes. That is my husband. And yes he is driving our beloved tractor. 

I am really happy. And excited about our new old house. It’s been lovingly referred to, as the garden house, the mini ranch, and our nickname: the farm. I can’t wait to share pictures and visits with you 🙂

Pictures of “the farm” to come in my next blog post!