Monthly Archives: March 2015

Smelling the roses

 I love his chubby fingers. 

And her spunk 


This mirror is shouting “Clean me!” 







Us lately

Little big man is measuring big, rolling over, and crying the word mama to pull on my heart strings     

We had some really wonderful time with my grandma Gay. She made Georgia’s day by playing and answering a million questions and making her a pink strawberry cake!    


We took the kids on an adventure. Gideon was zonked out. 


We got our tractor! 


We made Sweetie a pillow out of a ratty robe she loves to lay on.  


And Georgia’s about ready to be a farm girl. 


Us lately

Little man is, in one word, funny! 

His  sister  is  super  sweet most of the time. 

She had her first ponytail.

They played in a tent fort.

Gideon posed for the camera.

With his Kapuna.

Showing  off his  stylish boots.

He can spin himself around at Naptime to mommy’s amazement.

He has started having strong opinions, which sometimes drive mama crazy.

and sometimes he just rolls with it.

Georgia is my big helper and kitchen co host . 

She loves. Frozen. 

She  loves her baby brother .

They both love being outside. 

 We had to bundle Gideon in Georgia’s snowsuit. So out of respect we covered up the pink with the blue and yellow train quilt his great grandma Mary’s quilting group made him.

Georgia crunched ice and poked holes with her walking stick in the snow. She said, “I’m making homes for the crickets.” My heart!

Gideon passed out. Score! 

Gideon is getting big! And Georgia  is a big 3 year old! 

See you soon!