Monthly Archives: February 2015

Georgia prayers

Georgia prayed her own prayer tonight at bed. It went..

Please help mommy and Georgia and Gideon no be sick. And Gee no be sick. And help Kay Kay get her baby out and Jessica get her baby out. And… Everybody.. Get their babies out. And daddy and Gideon. The end.



On Georgia’s birthday

Quinton asked Georgia what she wanted for her birthday today. She said she wanted cake, with candles, and Fire, like Jesus birthday!
So her daddy said, “do you want any presents?”

And Georgia said, Yes! I want presents!! Pink and orange ones! And a little one for Gideon! A pink one like mine! And an orange one! ”

I love it. Super sweet.

How we are lately

These are some funny kid moments we’ve experienced recently.

Gideon loves to be read to.

All three came into Georgia’s room for story time.

Georgia loves hamming for photo ops.




Georgia’s birthday is coming up and a friend asked what we were doing. I asked Georgia what she wanted and she said She wants a cake.. A big big cake with candles on it and fire!! Lol

So that’s us in a small nutshell right now. It’s super crazy with two. But we are hanging in there. God is good. We are healthy. I’m praying to trust him with these kids and love them better. And to be joyful, because this is an awesome time even when it’s a million and one two year old questions and a sleepless 3 month old, they bless me in ways I don’t know.