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Typing next to a sleeping baby

I started this blog to “stop and smell the roses.”

I wanted to focus on all the good that God was doing in our lives. I also wanted to highlight for myself and my kids the fun and interesting things they said and did.

I don’t know how, but we forget details and moments that, we promise ourselves, were so important we would never forget. Probably a mix of sleep deprivation and cramming more moments into our minds and hearts than we can fit. My dad always joked, growing up, that the more things we asked him and told him about, the more stuff was falling out the other ear.

So here’s some fun things that have happened lately.

Gideon rolled over on the day he turned three months old. He has this infectious smile that he gives out pretty liberally, unlike Georgia who was selectively shy. I guess, though, that’s unfair, she’s always loved people and acts as if she is in her own parade. She just didn’t like men when she was a baby and was only outgoing if I was in arms reach.

And Gideon likes everybody, just don’t get too loud. He is just as sensitive as he is loving.

If Georgia gets hurt and cries, he cries.

If you make a really loud noise, he cries.

And if mama cries, well you’ve got a fifty fifty chance of him smiling and distracting me- or- he cries.

He’s my little sweet boy, and she is my little sweet girl.

She misses and loves so many people, day to day. Her favorite places are our community group, play group at Amma’s (my grandma’s) church, and her Oomie and Gee’s house (Quinton’s parents). She tells me during prayer time that she loves her cousin Scarlette and her baby (her brother Nate), her friends Ariana, Levi, and Azalea, and her mommy, her daddy, and her Gideon. 😍

We went on a mommy date yesterday for the first time in forever. ❄️For the first time in forever!!!❄️The guys stayed home. And I gave her the chance to tell me what she wanted to do.. I expected some kind of repeat of the playground or get a snowman cookie from Starbucks, but she said she wanted popcorn, a lollipop, and a ball we could kick.





The highlight of the evening was getting back into our truck after kicking the ball at the playground. I told her her hands were getting too cold and she said freezing! And I messed with her by yelling freezing!! She was sort of astonished because we always have to be so quiet around Gideon. To which she replied FreeZING!! And so on and so forth, we yelled. Back and forth. Freezing. As loud as we could. It lasted a good five minutes and continued into the truck and half way to the stables. I was wondering at what point the police might be called because there was reported screaming coming from the play ground at dark. No one came. 😜

On we went to the stables, to drive by and tell the horses 🐴 night night and keep warm. And then by the marina to tell the boats ⛵️night night. At both places Georgia thought of every creature and thing that she could yell night night to. This included frogs🐸, turtles🐢, and fishies🐟. When she told the fish night night and keep warm, she wanted them to have a blanket. I told her they don’t really use blankets and maybe they use leaves and mud at the bottom to keep warm, but daddy would know. He said they sort of hang out at the bottom and cuddle at night🐟🐟🐟. That was a good enough answer for her! She told the trees🌿, the cars🚗, and the houses🏠🏡🏠 night night.

On our date we also got onto the topic of having to share the moon 🌙and sun ☀️with the other half of the world. 🌎 God making it so that we take turns, which light we get. So we told the sun night night too. She told the sun she missed it. And I said that I missed it too. So she told the sun that daddy missed it too. 🌞

I wish I could bottle some of this sweet time up. It isn’t all the time. It is sprinkled throughout parenting. Most of my time is hard work coupled with mood swings and longing for sleep. I do love it, but it isn’t always sweet. So when it is, I want to squeeze the crap out of these kids, to which Georgia’s latest reply is, stop that! Lol


Georgia love

Today, Georgia told me in all sincerity that we have to keep Gideon safe. We need to keep him. She wanted to make sure we weren’t sending him back somewhere.

The other day she realized that when someone dies, you cannot see them again (in this life). When she realized that she cried and said she didn’t want me to die. And she gave me the most amazing hug.

I love this sweet girl, who isn’t me, but who came from me. She is so different, yet so lovely to me. God please help me remember that when it’s difficult and my patience is gone. She isn’t mine, she’s yours. Help me hold her heart gently. Thank you for my Georgia love.

The good with the bad

My last post really emphasized how much I can’t control. And that’s most things. And I’m learning how to laugh through them. I want to trust God the numerous times He has told me not to fear. I want to be able to laugh at what the future holds because so big is my trust in God.
So today, I’m silently combatting the lies that come into my head, lies about God, myself, my husband. I’m combatting the irrational emotions I feel. I keep attempting to turn it loose, let God handle it or take it away or strengthen me to work through it. He’s the best. So I don’t have to be.

One of the most beautiful parts of motherhood, to me, is getting to teach the kids things something I love. Often I am utterly surprised when they do them later. Like, how did you know to do that!?

Today we made chili.


Georgia learned about recycling.


She showed off her pouring skills.

She narrated everything as if we were on the cooking channel.

And it’s days like today that I truly enjoy the fruit of the labor of motherhood.

I always want to get all the hard work out of the way to enjoy the nice parts. That isn’t how motherhood is. You have a sweet moment, an accident moment, an I’m sorry moment, a spanking moment, another I’m sorry moment, another sweet moment. I have to work on my bad attitude while working on theirs. I can’t fix all my issues then work on theirs.

I have to deal with my issues, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t go, get perfect, then parent. So most of those, I’m sorry moments, are mine lately.

I’m really thankful for the nice ones..and I’m learning that they are sprinkled in like chocolate chips in.. Well anything that has chocolate chips.

Because chocolate is awesome.

When Motherhood Isn’t Picturesque

I was granted a lot of grace today. I’m sure of it because I could have lost it, which I’ve been doing pretty frequently, and praise God, I didn’t.

See, I can handle one stressful thing just fine, but I don’t do so hot when two or more things unravel at a time.

Well, when there are two children, one hormonal mama, and a sick daddy, the odds aren’t good that only one thing will be wrong at once. (Oh, and a scattered dog with a sweet heart, but a ripped bag of marbles for nerves. But thank God, today, she wasn’t part of the issue.)

I don’t want to blog about only the beautiful, pretty, easy parts of mommyhood. That’d be easier, less real. But it would totally defeat the purpose of blogging and it would really delude the friends of mine who don’t have children, and do a disservice to the mothers in the middle of their own stress-ball scenarios.

So I can’t really repaint why tonight turned stressful so quickly. That usually happens to me, in the stress: this is SO STRESSFUL. After the stress: why was I freaking out again?

Quinton came home early because he is sick, which meant nap and bath for him and trying to do business as usual for me. It helps if I act as though he isn’t home so I can take care of the kids without assuming he can help me, he is sick after all. And that way, when he inevitably comes in to help me, it’s a blessing (and I’m not bitter if he can’t.)

He doesn’t skip out on work. If he is home, he is nonfunctional, sick. So I kept up with the laundry I had going, I got Georgia to watch a movie (or two) and Gideon took turns being held or sitting in a bouncer while I cooked dinner. I knew I wasn’t using my back correctly when holding him and lifting the laundry, so it started to hurt. Georgia and I ate and Quinton held Gideon. Then it was time for bath.

This is where it got interesting. See, Gideon had a blow out.

Poo. Everywhere.

So now it wasn’t just bath time for Georgia . I had the bright idea that I could bathe them both at the same time- Gideon in the baby tub and Georgia in the regular one. Well halfway through something spooked my sensitive one and he cried like he saw me breathe fire. So Quinton had to help me get the soap off of him and I left to nurse him. Half an hour and a lost pacifier later, I was in need of some serious grace, some dove chocolate, and a cold Blue Moon. For those unfamiliar, Blue Moon is beer, beer which I proceeded to spill in my lap typing this post.

How I haven’t screamed today, I. Don’t. Know. But I’m going to grab another beer and praise God, even if my kid wakes up five minutes from now, from the milk/swing/tv coma he is in. Yes. You read that right. The once upon a time no-tv-until-they-are-1-at-least-and-even-then-it’s-evil nazi, ie me, just used cartoons to put my three month old to sleep. By the way, no tv for Georgia didn’t even last until she was 1.


Sometimes, you just do what you have to do to keep your sanity. And a friend of mine reminds me, it’s better to have a little less stressed out mama and a little more tv/snack/whatever. They will live. They won’t be ruined, totaled, kaput. God is bigger. He is good. And everybody messes up their kids, just by being imperfect parents. So we do our best. And grace fills in the gaps.

By the way, the baby’s awake. 😉

Gideon lately

Hmmmm. Little man. Well, he is definitely a whole different person than Georgia. He loves her to the moon. Like, instantly giggles when she talks to him. And he is really starting to play. He’s chewing on things and can grab things. He’s mostly just friggin adorable. And he loves to burrow under your chin when you hold him. He is really determined to get his feet. And he isn’t so fond of tummy time unless tv is involved. Oh yeah. He sort of LOVES tv. So we have to strategically watch it so he can’t glue his three month old eyeballs to it. Ok. Enough type. On with the cutes.